Katarzyna Milek lute player

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Music typesetting

Musical service


Using the leading Sibelius notation software, I can typeset your music in a high quality format, suitable for publishing or for use by performers. As well as simply copying the music you provide, I can supply any of the following:
- Full score, orchestral/band parts, vocal score, piano reductions
- Full score from short score
- Transposition of a whole piece
- Extraction of specific instrumental parts (with transposing instruments at the correct pitch)
- Score from different types of notations (including manuscripts), e.g. lute or guitar tablature.

I can work with you to arrange a piece for specific instruments and standards of player, for example orchestral music for strings only, simplified arrangements for junior ensembles or instrumental parts for choral music.

If you require any typesetting services, please contact me via email: musicwithkate@gmail.com. Every job is unique, so write to me to discuss your requirements and the costs.


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