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Would you fancy a musical Interlude?

Katarzyna Milek, lute player
Katarzyna was born in Lodz, Poland, where she grew up. She studied at the School of Music in Pabianice, Poland, obtaining title of Musician Instrumentalist, specialization: Guitarist. She completed her masters at the Academy of Music in Lodz (title obtained: Master of Arts, specialization: Theory of Music) and Academy of Music in Cracow (title obtained: Master of Arts, specialization: Lute Player).
Katarzyna has played with many orchestras and ensembles, such as the Cracow Chamber Opera or the Altri Canti ensemble. She has also made appearances as a soloist and an accompanist throughout many events. In addition she has played as a contracted musician on American Cruise Liners.
Katarzyna is an active early music researcher, specializing in German lute tablature (manuscript). She is pursuing a career as a soloist, playing the Renaissance and Baroque music on lute and chitarrone.

The lute was very popular in the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. It was probably more popular than the piano and the guitar today. Thanks to the extremely wide repertoire and to the magical sound, the lute is one of the most charming musical instruments that has ever existed.
Now the lute's magical tune can be charming sound for you.
You can choose different kinds of performances, according to your needs:
- recitals of Renaissance and Baroque music

- musical breaks on variety of meetings (e.g. business, cultural, political, religious)
- musical backgrounds for your clients or visitors
- lute performances to enrich your events
- seasonal and festive concerts (e.g. Christmas, Easter)
- requested, specific events.

For more information or to arrange an event, contact:

Katarzyna Milek


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